Register and use favourites

Even if you’re not planning to licence any of our pictures right away it is still worth registering an account. Why? Well there are a number of reasons but one obvious one is that having an account allows you to use the ‘favourites’ function. While browsing through our collection if you see a picture that catches your eye then, when viewing the screensized image, simply click the ‘Add as favourite’ link on the right of the screen above the picture description. Once added, the link changes to ‘remove favourite’ so that you can untag the picture if you change your mind.

How do you then look at your favourites? Just click the ‘favourites’ main menu item (2nd from the left in the top bar). But remember that favourites arre only accessible if you have registered an account and are logged on. Don’t worry, making a picture a favourite gives you no obligation to buy!