Careimages, quick on the draw

Careimages is growing; month on month more people are visiting the site, registering and subscribing. And we’re reacting to what our clients want by doing new shoots. Next week, we are working on a shoot with a service user with mental health problems to portray the issues in his life; other shoots in the pipeline include vulnerable elderly at home and drug abuse.

We are very proud to launch a new and exciting aspect to the site in the form of illustrations. We have teamed up with a very talented painter/illustrator, David Fortune whose abstract work in his native Ireland is gaining critical acclaim. We gave David a brief to provide a range of illustrations depicting aspects of childhood along with concepts like fear and abuse. For a few of the sketches, such as the one on the left, he did a re-interpretation of a real-life photo that we already had. Not only does the stylisation often make an image like this more powerful, but it also offers flexibility in representing what can often be difficult subjects. We believe the illustrations we launch today reflect and represent our community and show art as powerful and emotive tools in helping us come to terms with our world.

We are looking for more ideas for our illustration category so please do tell us what you think and what you may like to see. if there are any specific illustrations you need, we would be pleased to arrange them as a custom service. For this or if you’d simply like advice as to how this type of art can be used in context with your publicity materials please contact us on 020 7254 1500 or by email to