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About this blog

First of all I ought to explain that ‘cilblog’ is me Tim, the webmaster/principal photographer of the site. Blog posts by ‘markr’ are from Mark, the other senior partner in this business. We’d really like people to get involved and leave comments on this blog. If we get enough interest then we can expand this section to a full discussion forum. The most important feedback we need right now is what sort of pictures you, our clients, need. So please comment on this topic or send us an email to and let us know!

The image of care providers

Compare the classified pages of Community Care magazine with another ‘trade’ publication and you’ll notice how different the approach to marketing the ‘products’ are. It seems to me that the care sector does not take a slick enough approach in presenting itself. Interestingly, this may be one of the few areas where the substance of the practice is actually better than the image surrounding it. That is actually good because what matters is the care that service users receive and practitioners give, rather than the hype surrounding it. But only by enhancing the hype will the rest of society begin to appreciate just how valuable a resource care really is to society.