It’s not today’s strikers who are bunch of *ankers

I’m not what you might call a political activist. As I get older and hopefully wiser I can see how my earlier flirtations with political issues could be filed under ‘naive’ at best and ‘plain stupid’ at worst. When I set out on my career in care, Corrigan and Leonard’s ‘Social Work Under Captialism, a Marxist Perspective’ was the reading order of the day. Now, to get anywhere in the profession you need an MBA and a track record in buying and selling.

National disgrace: Banks' greed means we pay
So today’s demonstration by teachers and other public sector workers should not have had the effect on me that it would undoubtedly have had thirty years ago. But I have to admit a frisson of solidarity with those on strike, not so much for any political agenda they have, but rather for the fact that low paid public sector workers are being made to pay for the greedy antics of the spivs, rogues and degenerate bankers (another word that rhymes would also suit) who have messed up the UK economy.

Why should a teacher be expected to work more years for a lower pension when the *ankers walk off with obscene bonuses? I suspect the reason is that governments of all colours are reluctant to take on the said *ankers in the same way that one Mrs Thatcher was prepared to take on and break the unions of thirty years ago. On radio today, Francis Maude, who has overall responsibility for Cabinet Office policy, was left like a rabbit in the proverbial headlights:

Listen: BBC – Serwotka and Maude clash over strikes

There is indeed a debate to be had on the merits of some public sector jobs in the present economic climate; but to let the *ankers pursue a life of greed while those who serve us are left to work themselves to an early grave is a national disgrace. So today, I’m with the strikers and may the *ankers look down at the demonstration in London from their glass tower blocks and hold their heads in shame.

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