Jobs for the (able-bodied) boys?

We are delighted to welcome Nikki Amanda Kyriacou to our blog. Nikki, who is a graduate of Photography, will be posting occasional articles as well as doing some photography for the site. Here is her first blog.

My dad is in his 50th year and is currently trying to get back into employment, after being a full time carer for my mother for 12 years. She sadly passed away last August and he did not anticipate the struggles of finding a job, particularly as he has a degenerative eye condition.

Disabled man reading
Reading the small print: For people with a disability or visual impairment finding work can be very difficult
Organisations like Remploy are supposed to be here to ensure the help and support for disabled job seekers. This has recently been highlighted in the media as untrue, as they are proposing to sack over 1700 of their employees with a disability and close down several factories (Independent: 7th March 2012).

Dad joined a work programme run by A4e known as Bootstrap. Here, he is assigned a one to one adviser who currently guides my dad to find work in what he can do now. It has been hard, as jobs are very thin here in the North West of England. It seems that most jobs are geared up for people who don’t have any disability, and sadly there have been no jobs for which dad has been able to meet the criteria.

He is a skilled man, but has had to reconsider his options because of his low vision as he would not be able to fulfil the job he trained to do. It’s been so difficult, that he has not even been able to get a job interview as of yet, which being such an active person and has always worked, makes him a little despondent.

The way a lot of people in a similar situation are trying to get back into employment is not trying to find work in what they were able to do in the past, rather what they are able to do now. I just hope that the majority of employers see beyond the disabilities that people face on a daily basis, and for them to look at a person’s ability and experience.

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