Southern Cross: No Southern Comfort for the residents

How much more can go wrong for the poor residents of Southern Cross? The once mighty care home provider is grovelling to its landlords and our government both of whom are willing to keep the homes afloat despite horrendous losses and poor standards of care. I’m not so naive as to expect that murky venture capitalists and company directors of care companies are in the provision of care to, er, provide care. But come on folks, even in today’s materialistic age, one might expect a bit less of blokes in £2000 suits milking the cow while the residents are left with the bull.

Manicure in care home
Cross purposes? Making money and providing care.
Actually there is a model that works very well. Would you believe that there exists a raft of charities and not-for-profit organisations, along with small private providers who run excellent care homes? There is nothing wrong with making a profit from running a good care home, but there is everything wrong with making a killing from running a raft of poor care homes.

I’m getting a tad tired with sounding off on crucial institutions being bailed out by the government; from banks to train operators to care homes, the public are badly served. Never mind all the stuff about buy-back-lease-back-bags-of-money-back which has put Southern Cross in the news; the one item that should have had everyone involved in care banging on the doors of the company’s directors is detailed in this Guardian article.

My business brain might not be at the level of a venture capitalist but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the spivs who made millions out of Southern Cross were not too concerned about 28 per cent of its homes being sub-standard.

Pass the sick bag.

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