The image of care

What do you think the current image of care is like? You are clearly going to get different views depending on what you read and where you read it. The day to day lives of carers, paid and unpaid, are rarely covered in the media outside the ‘trade press’ (Community Care magazine and

At we want to hear your views on care. Are you a service user receiving care, or do you provide care? Do you work in the care sector? Do you have a professional or academic interest in care?

Please tell us what you think the image of care is in the UK today. Is the way care is portrayed in brochures in your doctor’s surgery or CABs accurate? How does care look? And is the way it looks different to the reality in practice?

2 thoughts on “The image of care”

  1. I work in the disability sector in Western Australia as a team leader. All our participants are supported by staff on a one to one basis to undertake activities/events that take place within the wider community. One of the major issues that face providing good quality care is the lack of quality staff do undertake the work. This maybe for a number of reasons the most obvious being the low pay rates. There is a lack of potential staff for the human services sector as the lure of the high pay for working in the mineral resources sector in the north of the state is too much for most to ignore.

  2. The problem with care in the UK is that it is an undervalued profession (literally). I work as a support worker in a small residential unit for adults with learning disabilities and although I really like my job, I feel my services are undervalued. I was thinking of studying further to do a DipSW but the truth is that I could go and earn much more outside the sector while doing voluntary work at weekends. It’s the way of the world now, everything seems to be generated by money.

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