The price is still right, so keep purchasing! has been up and running for around four years and in that time we have followed a simple and successful formula of providing high quality images of care to a raft of local authorities, charities and NFP organisations along with design studios working with them. Feedback from our customers has invariably been positive, particularly the way we strive to meet requests for new shoots images as quickly as possible.

For a niche library our pricing structure is very competitive in our subscription and pay-per-image options – we understand the constraints that the sector is working with. We have kept our prices at the same level for four years but from 4th April we are introducing a new pricing structure – like all businesses, our costs have risen.

For subscribers, we are adding a further two images to the annual subscription making a total of 12 images for a fee of £295 which still works out at under £25 for a royalty free image. Additional pictures for a subscription will now cost £11. Individual picture purchases for non-subscribers will be priced at £49.

As price increases go, we believe ours is as soft a landing as is possible and we thank all our clients for their custom over the years and look forward to welcoming current clients back and new ones to benefit from the UK’s leading library of images of care.

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