The Sky’s limitless for sexism in football

When will the football fraternity ever learn? Fraternity, frat, archaic, Masonic-like customs are not wanted any more fellas. Go to any modern stadium and you will find thousands more female fans that days of old when, with 75,000 blokes crammed into two foot of terraces, a ladies’ lavatory was a rarity.

Childish: Gray and Keys criticism of females in football
How fitting then that the SkyTV debacle over the weekend included two of the lads’ favourites, Andy Gray and presenter Richard Keys who boasted how out of touch with contemporary social mores they are with a bullying, verbal onslaught on assistant referee, linesman, lineswoman Sian Massey. Gray and Keys live in world of booze, fags, racism, homophobia and sexism. That is not to say of course, they are any of the above, it is to say however, that our world has left their world behind, thank god.

The terracing that housed the skinheads has become seating in a family stand where women and kids do not have to put up with mindless thuggery of a physical and verbal nature. This is called progress. Keys and Gray don’t want progress, they want a brain-dead combo of page three of the Sun and five pints of cheap lager.

Interestingly, Gray was not much different in his playing days. Remember the 1984 FA Cup Final when the bustling striker mugged Watford goalkeeper Steve Sherwood? Nearly 30 years on and Gray has shown he has lost none of his fighting spirit, this time with a cowardly attack on a person doing her job assiduously, professionally and as proved by Sky’s cameras – correctly. Shame Gray and Keys can’t do theirs in the same way.

Since Ron Atkinson bared his bigoted chest, he has barely worked in the media. Keys and Gray should also be dispatched to a wooden cabinet in the dinosaurs section of the Natural History Museum.

One thought on “The Sky’s limitless for sexism in football”

  1. Absolutely !!
    But, oh , the arrogance of it all !!
    Both Gray and Keys have been in the media industry long enough to know how it works. The shareholders and advertisers call the tune, and to believe that you’re above these twin pipers is to betray a breathless arrogance ( or terminal stupidity !)Either way, crawl back to your golfing club clubhouse where these attitudes are the norm, and leave the rest of us to get on with our 21st century lives !!
    And who to replace ? The Mary Poppins of football ( K.K.)?,Graham Le Saux( to appease Guardian readers !)What’s Hope Powell up to ? Please , please, please dear Lord, let it not be either Robbie Savage or Ray Parlour . Sorry, Stan, you’ve got “form”
    ( Get well real soon, Danny Baker , and its a shoo-in !!! )

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