the hand

I have endless curiousity, my favourite words are 'how', 'why' and 'serendipity'


Who are you?

I'm the OneHandedWriter :)

No, but really, who are you? *UPDATED*

I choose to remain anonymous for now. However the new book won't be anonymous so I'm having a little competition on Twitter to expose who I am. Possibly not that much fun as I'm nobody you'd know (probably).

When is the book due?*NEW*

All I'm saying for now is hopefully sometime later this year. I'll get more precise nearer the time.

Will the new book be in the same style as these tweets? They might have worked when released one-by-one but they are rather metronomic to read all at once *NEW*

Definitely not! The book is written in a 'normal' style (except when it's not)

Where do I get the file that allows me to validate your digitally signed PDFs? *NEW*

That's easy it's here. Please note though that it's a settings file specifially for Adobe Reader, if you're using some other PDF software then you could try emailing me, but I can't promise to help.

Are you really one-handed? *UPDATED*

Only when my other hand is busy :) A more complete answer would be that I have a very slight paralysis down my left side so my left hand is less flexible than my right.

Why are you doing this?

I refer you to my very first tweet :)

Why the title / sub-title?

Because sex sells? Because I thought I'd describe myself that way before someone else did and because masturbation is a recurring theme. As for the subtitle, although everything I write is based on my experiences, my recollection of my history is almost certainly a little flawed. In particular, dialogue attributed to people is more about capturing the flavour of what they said, rather than the precise words.

Did the things you write about really happen?

See the previous answer.

Why Twitter?

I refer you to my very first tweet :)

(About the original tweets) Did you write each update as you posted it?

I tried to work a day or so ahead, that gave me a chance to see the tweets in context to each other and sometimes I'd rearrange things a little before posting. Sometimes it took a little while to fit the sentences into 120 to 140 character chunks too! I didn't work much further ahead as I'm too lazy :)

Isn't the sex stuff a bit pornographic?

What's wrong with pornography? What IS pornography? Why do people get upset about sex when it's a natural part of life? What happened to the goat? Why won't I talk about it?