Care Images Limited - Standard image usage licence

This licence applies to purchases made before the 1st January 2009. For purchases after this date, a slightly different licence applies.

1) This licence permits a registered user ("The Licencee") of the website run by Care Images Limited ("The Company") to reproduce any picture or pictures ("The Pictures") for which they have paid the appropriate fee pertaining at the time of purchase as detailed on the website.

2) The Pictures for which this licence is issued are identified by a list of unique references on The User's account shown on the website.

3) Where The Licencee is representing an organisation such as a limited company or registered charity at the time of the licence purchase, then the Licencee is the organisation and not the individual person.

3) The Licencee may reproduce The Pictures in any format and size for any use.

4) The Licencee must credit The Company every time any of The Pictures are used with the identifier ''. The exact size, typeface and positioning of the credit is left to The Licencee to suit their publication style as long as it is clearly readable and clearly associated with The Pictures.

5) If a picture depicts something which might be considered a sensitive subject or is used in such a way as to suggest a negative association, a caption should make clear that the picture is posed by models. A sensitive subject in this context is anything that might lower the public opinion of any person shown in the picture if they were unaware that the picture was posed.

6) The Licencee is permitted to edit and/or combine The Pictures in any way, provided always that clauses 4 & 5 above are adhered to with regard to the resulting image or images, irrespective of how different they may be to the original pictures.

7) This licence is non-expiring but non-transferrable. That is The Licencee may reproduce The Pictures as many times and as often as they like. However they may not pass on these reproduction rights to any third party.

8) The Company reserves the right to terminate this licence without notice in the event of any breach of its conditions and seek damages as appropriate, although The Company would first attempt to resolve any minor breach by negotiation.

8) This licence is governed by the laws of England.

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