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 Saturday, 01 April 2023 03:14

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First things first, what are your charges?
There is no charge to browse the thumbnails or screen-size images. If you just wish to try us out then you can purchase a usage licence for a single image for £49, payable when you request the high-resolution version of the image. However much better value is our annual subscription of £295 which includes an allowance for 12 image licences (usable at any time during the subscription period). Each additional licence for a subscriber beyond the initial 12 costs only £11. As a special offer, if you have previously bought any single licences from us, we will discount the subscription cost by the amount of one licence. In other words, you can try us out with a single licence and still get full value from the subscription if you upgrade on your second purchase. All prices subject to VAT as applicable.
How can I pay?
You can either pay at the time of purchase via Paypal using a credit/debit card or, for established organisations, we are happy to accept payment against invoice, in which case please contact us prior to your first transaction so that we can authorise your account for credit purchases.
My organisation requires Purchase Order numbers to be shown on invoices, can you help?
We've updated our system to allow users to enter purchase order information on invoices.

Firstly, make your purchases as normal. When the invoice is raised you are able to access it via the 'account' page, 'invoice history' button. Any unpaid invoices have a button 'add PO info' If you click this you can enter your purchase order information as a text string up to 32 characters, which will then appear on the invoice.

Purchase order information cannot be entered onto invoices which have already been paid.

Why is the price for non-subscribers so much higher?
As a specialist library we have significant overheads. If people show commitment to us by subscribing then we can ensure the high quality of our collection, continuously adding new material whilst knowing that our overheads are being covered. In return for that commitment we like to reward subscribers with a better per picture cost.
I clicked Paypal for the payment method by mistake, how can I pay manually instead?
Provided that you haven't already completed the Paypal transaction and as long as we've assigned you a credit limit, you can change any pending Paypal purchase to manual payment. Return to the site and go to your account page, invoice history, then click the appropriate button next to the invoice concerned.
Can I reproduce the thumbnail or screensize images free of charge?
Unfortunately not, for any image that you wish to reproduce and distribute you must pay the charge as shown above. We understand the constraints of the not-for-profit sector so you are welcome to use the smaller size images as placeholders in internal artwork prior to making your final layout decisions.
If I want to buy an image for one use only, will I be offered a reduction?
No. After extensive research with a number of charities and their suppliers, we have deliberately set the pricing structure to make all our images royalty free, rather than rights managed. Charities tell us they would rather pay a flat free for unlimited use rather than a fee for one-off use. You never know when that picture may come in handy a second or even 20th time and with our simple pricing method, you can use it as often as you like.
In what format do we receive the images?
Once payment has been cleared, you will be able to download the camera-original versions of the pictures you have bought straight away. They are at least 8 megapixel resolution unless otherwise stated, stored in high-quality JPEG format to give an average download size of around 2.5 megabytes (equivalent to an uncompressed size of around 50 megabytes). We can also put pictures on a disc and post to you for a small handling fee.
Are we allowed to pass on the images to organisations we work with?
Our image licence is for end-users only. The images are for sole use of the company / organisation purchasing them. You are of course allowed to pass on the images to any agency or sub-contractor who is working with them for you, but that agency or sub-contractor must only use them for your projects. If you are an agency or middleman acting for a third party, then the licence agreement for any picture is with that third party and you would need to purchase a seperate licence to use any particular picture with a different client.
So, as a design agency, I must purchase a seperate licence for each different end-user?
Yes. As long as you registered after January 2009, your registration should indicate that you make use of the pictures on behalf of third-parties. This enables you to repurchase licences for pictures you have already bought and name a different end-user. If you registered before January 2009 or wish to alter your agency status, please contact us.
How can I update my contact details?
Simply go the your Account page, and then click the edit details button. Please note that you need to input your password to confirm any changes. Also, if you change your email address, we will send a verification email to the new address with a link you have to click, before the change is made permanent.
Can I change my password?
You can request a new random password from your Account page. Our system does not currently allow user-chosen passwords. If you forget your password you can get an email reminder from the login page.
Are the models you use appropriately paid and consulted?
One of the directors of Care Images, Mark Rivlin, is a qualified social worker and former social services manager. Our policy is to value and respect the people we work with. All models are paid for their time and sign release forms where appropriate. Where models are unable to sign, we work with their advocates. Models have the right to request we do not use images if they feel uncomfortable with them in any way. Pictures of children are subject to the appropriate conditions laid down by statutory authorities.
Do you need models?
Yes, anyone over 18 who is looking for work and believes he or she could benefit our project, please contact us.
Are you interested in ideas for images?
Most certainly! Our objective is to provide a quality service at a fair price and we can only achieve our goals by talking to service users, practitioners and companies which publicise care organizations. We'd be very interested to hear how we can improve and extend our service.
Do you use other photographers, other than your own?
We believe we have extensive experience in-house through our creative team but we recognize there are a lot of talented photographers out there who may have images they would wish to sell. If you think your images would suit this site, please contact us.
Once we have bought an image, can we manipulate it to our needs?
Yes, there no constraints to what you can do with the image, once it has been purchased.
Do you require a credit on each picture used?
Yes please, The placement and size of font is entirely up to you and all we require is the wording: 'Image:'.
If we commission a bespoke shoot, do we need to pay for images?
No payment, the charge depends on the complexity of the shoot but a typical fee would be £350 per day plus expenses and then the pictures are yours at no cost. Please contact us for further details.
Can we buy images for our exclusive use?
Yes, aside from images from a bespoke shoot, you can also purchase exclusivity on other images. This means that we will not sell them on to other organisations. Please contact us for details.
There are many libraries with 'care' pictures. Why should I use you?
From working with a wide range of organisations, and speaking to creatives who produce publicity materials, it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase royalty free images of 'care' from stock libraries. The images that are available from mainstream libraries often use American models and are sold at commercial rates where the purchaser is required to explain in detail the type of size, print run and purpose of the publication the image is being used for. Our aim is to use our expertise of the care sector and provide images at a fair rate.
Is there anything else we should know?
Yes, in order to build up the library we want to hear from organizations and / or companies who would be interested in working with us on a long-term basis. This arrangement will definitely work out to your advantage. Please contact us.

sample images

Child pensive
pills on British twenty pound note
black female in carnival dress
Disabled young man with mother