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The details of the new BOOK will be here soon, yes you read that right, not tweets this time but a full length, full feature BOOK, With real text!! On Genuine digital pages!!! Full of filth, memories, comedy, tragedy, famous people, seamen [ed: please check spelling], even goats!!!! (okay I might be lying about the goats)

What's more the initial digital copies will be FREE, no con, no catch (oh, ok then one catch, they will be missing the very last page, but, still, free, eh that's not bad for free!)

The soon-to-be-famous-but-currently-anonymous author says of his new work "J'ai eu une séance de branlette un matin et voila!".

In the meantime if you want to see what it was all about back in 2009 as almost nobody did at the time then read the story so far...